Remote start, security, and keyless entry smartphone interface module with GPS tracking

Carlink6 provides two-way communication between your vehicle and your smartphone. Using your CL6 app, you can start your vehicle, lock/unlock your doors, or pop the trunk from virtually anywhere. And you'll receive confirmation that the command was successfully executed. Warm up the car at a cold airport parking lot when your flight gets in. Or take your smartphone along on a run, while you leave your keys and other valuables locked in your car. The car finder feature will help you find your vehicle in a large garage or parking lot by honking the horn and flashing the lights.
Carlink6 Smartphone interface new GPS feature allows you to track a vehicle's location on a map with Pan, Zoom/Satellite and Street views. This unit comes with one free year of service. It is $39 per year to renew. The Carlink6 module + app is easily downloadable on any iPhone or Android device and has virtually unlimited operating range.

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