Rostra 250-8802

Get the big picture with an original equipment OnStar rear view mirror with 3.5โ€ backup camera display that activates when you shift into reverse. This rear view mirror is an original factory upgrade, not an imitation. You'll lose none of your mirrors or vehicle's existing features while gaining an important safety feature found in many of today's well-equipped vehicles

Perhaps you've seen this helpful new technology in a friend's new car or truck. You loved how it works โ€” the rear view mirror looks like a normal mirror until you put the car in reverse and then โ€” a crisp panoramic picture of what's behind your vehicle pops up on your mirror. You no doubt appreciated the new peace of mind and added degree of safety when backing up. Now, through an exclusive factory-direct arrangement you can enjoy the same high quality factory mirror-based rear vision system found in newer cars and trucks with no loss of features or aesthetics in your vehicle.This mirror also available with temperature and compass display.
The mirror comes with a 3 year warranty and will work with all our cameras listed.

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