Car Connection

Car Connection' is a new plug in On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) device that will allow consumers to monitor, manage and maintain not only their own and other family drivers habits, but also vehicle performance and maintenance.
There’s a built-in GPS providing location information, giving you the option to create a “geofence” and receive an alert if the car moves out of the boundary area. You can also get a speed history and a report on vehicle behavior such as start-and-stop driving, so you’ll know how your car has been driven. You’ll also be able to monitor the mileage you’re getting, and receive tips on improving it.

Since the system monitors the car’s on-board computer system, you can get performance data and maintenance information, so you’ll know when the air filter needs changing or if there’s a problem with the carburetor without having to pop the hood.

You can track a teen or aging driver online or from a smartphone in real-time to know where your vehicle is, or where it is heading. You can set boundaries and receive notifications and alerts when a boundary is breached.

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